7 Day Website Express provides everything a small business needs to get a website up and running with minimal start-up costs. Set up is quick and easy plus 7 Day Website Express takes the worry out of web site design, by showing you a huge variety of web site templates that are professional, creative and best of all cost effective. No longer is web design a confusing, time consuming and expensive process.

Simply choose a design from our huge selection of professionally designed web templates, or tell us what you’re looking for and what colors you want, and we will find one for you. In addition to supplying you with some of the most professional web site template designs available, our staff will insert all supplied text and images for you, therefore allowing you to concentrate on your business rather than trying to figure out new software.

If you find a layout you like, but want to change the colour scheme or add your own image for the main graphic, NO PROBLEM, we can customize any template to fit your needs!

Looking to do more? 7 Day Website Express has additional features that will allow you to take your new website to the next level. Choose from such options as a home page news script, photo album or a content management system, the possibilities are endless and best of all, cost effective.

A business website is an absolute must for all business owners to help market your business and make more
money from it!

The fact is, we are increasingly depending on the internet for information. Your client will not only search for your website to solicit your business, they will refer back to it to obtain contact information, service options, prices, and your clientele base. They will "size you up" by the quality of your website – just as they would if you had an office or storefront.

In this decade, the majority of people search the internet before searching a phone book, so you NEED to advertise your business online!

87% of Northern American Population uses the internet to search for the services they require.
Are You Losing 87% of Your Clientele?